Simple Technology Rental & Financing

About Us

Whether you are a small business owner who needs help financing new technology, or have customers of your own who require finance, WolfStrike can help. We offer a range of financial services catering for diverse industry requirements.

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Rental Finance

Pay for IT equipment as you use it and improve your cash flow. Choose rental options that suit your business’ unique requirements.

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What Can I Rent?

We are committed to finding best-fit technology for your unique requirements and can source almost any merchant-related asset.

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Become an Agent

Provide finance to your own customers by becoming a WolfStrike partner. Receive full payment up-front, while we take care of the monthly finance plan.

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Our Services

Hardware Rental

Don’t purchase expensive business hardware outright. Reduce capital outlay by renting equipment long-term.

Short-Term Rental

Need hardware for an upcoming event? We can provide a quick & convenient rental solution tailored to your specific needs.

Buy & Rent Back

Regretting a large cash outlay on business equipment? We can turn back time by renting it back to you on a predictable monthly basis.

Refurbished Hardware

If your business isn’t in the position to acquire new assets, WolfStrike can provide fully certified refurbished hardware at a reduced cost. Perfect for small businesses and start-ups.


Trade in your old equipment to off-set costs for new rental. WolfStrike enables you to preserve capital and make money back on old assets, while gaining new hardware.

Support & Maintenance

Rest assured with ongoing hardware support for the duration of your agreement. We’ll ensure your business is always running at full capacity, and have a same day courier swap-out service.