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Wolfstrike Rental Services and Digital Conquerors Team Up

  • July 29, 2013
New Partnership

WolfStrike Rental Services is pleased to announce a new partnership. WolfStrike Rental Services is partnering with Digital Conquerors, an affordable digital agency that works to design, build and market cost-effective, responsive and professional websites. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Digital Conquerors provides affordable website design, no matter what the needs of the company are. Their pay-monthly structure allows for frequent contact and awareness between WolfStrike Rental Services and Digital Conquerors as they work to improve the web product of WolfStrike. Their products range from small websites that do basic promotion to larger platforms with a focus on content and up to date information.

Digital Conquerors has a wide range of online marketing solutions that use the latest technology to connect with modern technologies, such as the latest mobile devices or internet browsers. They also connect with people in order to draw in business and that will always be a top priority when working with their clients and partner companies.

In order for a brand or product to thrive, the brand or product must have marketability and also name recognition and public awareness. Digital Conquerors helps companies to achieve a larger presence toward the goal of increased website traffic via social media and a website design that is eye-catching, easy to navigate and informative.

In order to achieve increased name recognition and website traffic, Digital Conquerors offers a variety of products to cultivate a new brand identity. Such products include the structuring of a unique visual identity via logo design, stationary, business cards and other materials. In regards to visual identity, this design also applies to any social media and internet presence and how effective it can be, regarding traffic to webpages and also in relation to search engine optimisation.

This partnership between WolfStrike Rental Services and Digital Conquerors will enable better service toward web design needs and will increase the quality of service provided to customers. Customers will continue to be able to come to WolfStrike Rental Services with their financial service needs. This adds yet another successful product to the WolfStrike Rental Services community of partnerships in New Zealand and Australia in order to best serve micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs.

WolfStrike Rental Services will continue to enhance their products and services for all business owners while maintaining their base in Auckland, New Zealand. Their core focus on the financing and management of rental contracts for technology solutions will remain, with a special focus on the hospitality and retail service markets. In addition, WolfStrike Rental Services will continue to provide rental facilities, rental books and customer bases for the purpose of expanding business opportunities.

Much like this new partnership, WolfStrike Rental Services will work in partnership with its clients to manage their relationships and grow their opportunities. WolfStrike Rental Services will also continue to look for other valuable partnerships to enable the company to grow its client community and to diversify and increase its range of products and services.

For more information on this new partnership check out what Digital Conquerors has to offer

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