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WolfStrike Launches Rental Services Arm

  • August 5, 2013

WolfStrike Distributors Limited is pleased to announce that they have formed a joint venture with specialist financier Fare Eastern Investments Limited (FEI) to provide finance facility to WolfStrike resellers and dealers.

The new company, to be called WolfStrike Rental Services Limited, will focus will on providing resellers an easy to use finance facility to assist resellers in providing flexible finance to their customers and assisting the distribution of WolfStrike products and services.

As part of the facility, resellers who have established a formal reseller relationship with WolfStrike Distributors, will have the added benefit of access to specialist software products that will provide resellers with ongoing revenue streams.

As part of the formation of WolfStrike rental Services, there will be a focus on increasing the book value and volume by looking to acquisitions of existing rental books and businesses which will then be directly supported via WolfStrike or alternatively the reseller.

WolfStrike rental Services will also look to expanding its facilities to allow the reseller to include POS systems and other products normally supplied to a retailer.