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Offer Finance

WolfStrike gives you the ability to finance all of your own customers on easy monthly rental payments. Your business will receive full payment up-front, while we take care of the customer's payment plan.

WolfStrike can provide you with a finance facility that you can operate and treat as if you own the finance operation. You manage your customers and we support you.

Most finance companies will reject between 15% – 25% of all applications, even for those customers who have been with you for a long time. And, should there be an issue with your customer’s account, they take the usual “finance company” steps which can be aggressive or abrasive.

WolfStrike Rental Services works with you, as the reseller, to manage your customer so that you maintain the relationship, and can build upon it. After all, obtaining the customer is as important as keeping the customer.

The facility, provided to those resellers who meet WolfStrike Rental Services credit criteria, will accept almost 100% of your applications, on a full recourse basis. While  increasing your cash flow, the facility will utilise a simple contract, and will remove any issue with finding a funder.