Simple Technology Rental & Financing

ASX Announcements

Notice of General Meeting

c379(i) printer proof of nom

Financing Update

asx274 financing from new ned

Appointment of Non-Executive Director

asx273a appointment of ned

Appointment of New Chairman

asx271 chairman appointment october 2017 (User-PC’s conflicted copy 2017-10-05)

Change of Director Interest Notice for Mr Seton

asx269 appendix 3y for chairman for 2017-2018 year

Appendix 3B – Shares for 2017-2018 Director Fees

asx270 appendix 3b for 2017-2018 director fees

Appendix 3Z For Non Executive Director Quentin Olde

asx267 appendix 3z ned 31-08-17

Non Executive Director Steps Down

asx265 ned resignation